The Day of the Dead Festival in Loreto was a huge success.

The community of Loreto came together on October 28th, 2023, to celebrate the second edition of the Day of the Dead Festival. This festival is an essential tradition in Mexico that allows us to remember our loved ones who have passed away but continue to live on in our hearts and memories. It is a time to reflect on their lives, appreciate their contributions, and keep their legacy alive.

The Juan María de Salvatierra square, in front of Nuestra Señora de Loreto mission, was lively with vibrant colours during the festival. Every year, families set up ofrendas and altars to honour their departed loved ones. These altars are adorned with cempasúchil (marigold) flowers, papel picado (a traditional Mexican folk art made by cutting elaborate designs into sheets of coloured tissue paper), sugar skulls representing the souls of the dead, pan de muerto (a type of Mexican sweet bread traditionally baked during the weeks leading up to the Day of the Dead), and other items that the deceased enjoyed. The ofrenda serves as a way to remember and celebrate the lives of those who have passed away. According to popular belief, ancient rituals dating from pre-Hispanic times involved burning incense to cleanse the place of evil spirits so that the soul could safely enter the house.

Many Mexicans view death not as a loss but as a symbol of life emerging from memory and leading to the remembrance of laughter and shared anecdotes through the altar.

During the festival, Loreto families, along with local and foreign visitors, participated. The organizers congratulated the staff of the Casa de la Cultura “Profesor Jaime Gonzalez”, led by Noe Murillo Arce. Also, he appreciated the different areas of the city council that contributed to this extraordinary event.

Competitions for altars, Catrin, and Catrina were also held, with the following winners revealed for Catrin and Catrina:

Altars (Primary Level)

  • 1st Place: Primary School 25 de Octubre de 1697
  • 2nd place: Elementary School Olivia Pérpuli de la Toba
  • 3rd place: Mercedes Davis T.V. Primary School.

Catrín and Catrina (Secondary and High School Level)

  • 1st place: Secondary School “Modesto Sánchez Mayón”.
  • 2nd place: Colegio de Bachilleres (COBACH) 09
  • 3rd place: Benito Juárez Secondary School

Let’s continue to preserve traditions!

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