Los Cabos celebrates the entire State of California (in the USA and in Mexico) with a rich blend of history, culture, and tradition.

For the third time, the word “Californidad” relates to the identity, origin, and root of the three Californias: Baja California (north and south) and California (upper in the USA) was celebrated. Groups such as Californios Amigos de la Historia y los Estudios Locales (CAHEL) A.C from La Paz, Yenekamú A.C from Cabo San Lucas, and Grupo Raíces Cabeñas from San José del Cabo have initiated a citizen-led movement to preserve the heritage of Southern California. As a result of their efforts, November 14th has become a significant date of commemoration.

In the “Amelia Wilkes” square, a civic event was held to commemorate the date of Californidad. The Presidium hosted a gathering attended by officials and influential personalities from the XIV Town Hall of Los Cabos. Representatives from various groups and individuals related to history were also present, along with special guests. Notably, Álvaro Montaño Rubio, the former leader of the Grupo Unidos por Tijuana, was also in attendance.

“Cabo San Lucas is the origin of all Californias”.

Gabriel Fonseca

During the event, homage was paid to:

  • Prof. María Luisa Salcedo Morales : Constituent Deputy.
  • Eng. Eligio Soto López : Constituent Deputy.
  • Prof. Fernando Inés Cota Sández : Constituent Member of Parliament (posthumous recognition).
  • M.C. Fermín Reygadas Dahl | Contribution to the Study and Dissemination of Regional History.
  • Prof. Marco Antonio Ojeda: Promotion and Preservation of Regional Traditions.
Californidad Day (Californian Day)

The award recognizes a lifetime of dedication to California’s culture, history, and traditions.

“Cabo San Lucas is the origin of all Californias,” said Gabriel Fonseca, Chronicler of the municipality of Los Cabos, who said that almost five centuries ago, the history of California was born here, inspired by literature.

After the civic ceremony in honour of Californidad Day, the “MX” monument was unveiled, marking the beginning of a 1,780-kilometer highway connecting the two Californias in Mexico.

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