Santiago’s new fire station opened 26 months after the fire that destroyed a large part of the oasis and 40 houses.

On June 12, 2024, a little over two years after the devastating fire that destroyed 62.5% of the Santiago Oasis area and left nearly 40 families homeless, the official handover of Station Four of the San José del Cabo Fire Department occurred in the town of Santiago.

The event was attended by representatives of organized civil society, such as Club Vatel BCS and Club Rotario Cabo San Lucas del Mar, as well as members of the state and municipal governments, the Santiago delegation, personnel from the San Jose Fire Department, and members of the San Jose del Cabo Fire Department. It was held in an atmosphere of celebration and an invitation to civic responsibility.

The San José del Cabo Fire Department Commander, Omar Barreras Núñez, confirmed that the station will have three essential firefighters, an extinguisher, a tanker unit, and an ambulance. During the event, José Acosta, vice president of the Rotary Club Cabo San Lucas del Mar, highlighted the importance of the commitment of the citizens to support the firefighters and actively participate in keeping the newly delivered station in optimal conditions and said that this achievement is possible thanks to the joint work of Rotary Club Cabo San Lucas del Mar with Club Vatel BCS, through the Chefs for Los Cabos event, but above all thanks to the entire community that always supports the event.

Chef Edgar Roman, President of Club Vatel BCS, said that Chefs X Los Cabos has always distinguished itself by responding promptly to support situations that may end up sustaining itself, and the delivery of Station 4 is part of this same initiative. Chef Román stated that the members of Club Vatel BCS and all the sponsors responded to the emergency call after the 2022 fire. He confirmed that Chefs X Los Cabos will continue to support the San José del Cabo Fire Department and its stations in the northern part of the municipality to ensure that necessary emergency services remain available in this region.

The event culminated with a pleasant social gathering at which chefs Sergio Cabrera, Roger Martin, Yazmin Primitivo, Pablo Ortiz, and Edgar Román himself served brisket sandwiches, vegetable ceviche, banana and carrot muffins, and a chocolate parfait.

About Chefs X Los Cabos: “Cooking the Future of Los Cabos” is a group where the most prestigious chefs of the destination come together to hold gastronomic events. These events are not just about culinary excellence but also about raising funds to support charitable causes. The proceeds from their annual event are donated to communities and social groups that are in vulnerable situations, allowing them to carry out actions to benefit those who need help the most. This focus on vulnerable communities is at the heart of their mission, and it’s how they change lives in the community, with their motto being “Cooking from the stove to the heart”.

About Chefs Club Vatel BCS: “Chefs United to enhance Gastronomy, Dignifying the profession for the benefit of society”. Club Vatel is an international association with headquarters in Mexico City. It brings together the most essential professional chefs from each country where the Vatel exists. The association is sponsored by the French Culinary Academy, which endorses and supports the activities done on behalf of the Vatel. The Baja California Sur Chapter is an association of Chefs based in the state who seek to exalt the profession of Chef and contribute to society through their art, either by transmitting and sharing their knowledge or collaborating in events that help social improvements. Its members participate on a disinterested and utterly non-profit basis.

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