Tendencia is the result of months of research into how we can intertwine the cultures of Baja California Sur and make the most of the enjoyment that comes from traveling through this unique corner of the world.

We drew our inspiration from the arrival of Jesuit missionaries and the construction of missions in the 17th Century. For centuries, people have come to The Californias seeking fame and fortune. Today, we introduce a magazine that captures the same spirit of adventure and, once again, lays a world of opportunities at your feet.

It is a rich, robust history of hardy individuals who connected with the soul of the native people and the land. That story has only begun to be explored. Many of the landmarks still survive and the culture of Mexico has grown up around them.

Towns and cities of the 21st Century Baja Peninsula are prepared to be the perfect hosts to welcome visitors from around the world. There is a passion for preserving the nobility of desert, sea and sun here and it is waiting to be appreciated and shared.
Tendencia will take you on a fascinating tour through the history of La Paz, Loreto, Santa Rosalía, San Ignacio, Todos Santos, San José del Cabo, Cabo San Lucas and other places of interest on the Peninsula.