The primary goal of the Esteban Foundation is to prevent and eradicate social injustice through active participation and constant support of the most vulnerable population. The association is supported through donations, events, and contributions from the Board of Directors.

The foundation came about through the initiative of five friends, Esteban Dominguez among them. Don Esteban was born in a humble and difficult environment and only achieved success through tenacity and hard work. The foundation understands that giving people opportunities can make a big difference in their lives. “The opportunity to grow and develop should be given to all.”


It is our mission to provide help to the communities in most need by managing resources in the search of better opportunities for everyone. Create an economic and social transformation with the participation of business people, professionals and volunteers.


Build an exemplary community in Los Cabos where social differences do not exist. A community where we continue to develop and have the opportunity to live fair and just lives.