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The benefits of wine from a holistic perspective Thanks to efficient transportation from productive growing regions, the fascination with wine and enotourism continues to grow every day. Whether you consider yourself an amateur or an expert wine connoisseur, you will be excited to know that in addition to tastings and pairing experiences, wine has a
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Well-being at Home

A story from the desk of Laura G. Bueno

“History tells us that Isaac Newton, during his isolation from the plague in 1665, used the time to discover the theory of gravity. Years before, when the quarantine forced the English to change their habits and work from home (1592-1594), instead of giving up, the creator of Hamlet, and Romeo and Juliet took the opportunity
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Cultural tourism in modern times

Gabriel Fonseca

It’s a well-known fact that much of the world of tourism is motivated by learning about history, the people, available activities, traditions, and interesting customs. For these types of travelers, Los Cabos and Baja California Sur offers a cultural attraction that is unique in the world. Another fact is that tourism will change radically for
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