Sur, Gastronomy, Fashion & Music in Los Cabos

Los Cabos Open of Surf and The Cape, a Thompson Hotel, come together to celebrate the sun and beach lifestyle.

One of the iconic and amusing events in Los Cabos reaches its 7th edition completely renovated. On this occasion 8 of the most cherished surfers have been invited to compete among them “free surf” to take a bag of $ 10,000usd.

“This year we decided to turn the event around. With the main purpose of promoting Los Cabos, this competition has been cataloged as a specialty event within the surfing competitions, that is, it does not qualify surfers for championship competitions, however, they are very popular, for only luxury destinations can host these events.” Ulises Torre, founding partner, and production director.

In partnership with the WSL (World Surfing League) Los Cabos Open of Surf, this year becomes a lifestyle event, where great legends and icons of surfing meet:

Rob Machado, Josh Kerr, Kalani Robb, Jhony Corzo, Mich Blair Conklin, Oliver Kurtz, Sage Erickson & Anastasia Ashley, among others, will all meet and enjoy the stunning panorama of Los Cabos from The Cape, to Thompson Hotel.

The spectacular wave of Playa Monumentos, the emblematic Cabo San Lucas arch, and the exceptional gastronomy are the main elements of Los Cabos Open of Surf 2019, the first and only specialty event in Mexico!

Of course, the DJ music on the Rooftop with swimwear runaway show, and the award-winning mixology merges to celebrate the 4th anniversary of The Cape, a Thompson Hotel.

Follow the full program @Tendencia Travel

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