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The Interview: Emelie Eldridge

“Yoga is a journey of inner immersion and conscious connection, a journey to wholeness.” Emelie Eldridge, originally from Stockholm, Sweden, comes from a clinical and academic background in psychology and criminology. Her studies brought her a professional position within the Swedish prison system, working in close contact with people facing various challenges during their incarceration.
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The venerable fish taco

The solemn fish taco has his origins in Mexico and Japan. It is a combination between two cultures where the tempura meets the tortilla to form a sacred union that we love to have every now and then. Because, what will happen if we couldn’t grab a bite of that deliciousness? Netflix, being one of
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There is great truth in a saying by George Bernard Shaw, “We do not stop playing because we grow old, we grow old because we stop playing.” If there is something we have learned during this time, it is precisely that, we need to continue playing to stop growing old. It seems that what we
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