The art of wine by Baja Wines

The incredible thing about waking your nose with wine tasting is the memories that bring you back to other smells and experiences, specific moments of your life where you were in contact with any of the wine notes.

Baja Wines is one of the most important wine distributors in Los Cabos and, to show this, last Friday, October 25, it brought together more than 250 labels from different wine houses for restaurants, chefs, sommeliers, mixologists and members of the gastronomic industry to taste, sea and explore different labels that exist when it comes to wine. 

In addition, at the 4th Wine Fair, Beer and Distillates could be tasted and, there were also conferences such as “Pinot Noir from the West Coast” given by Master Sommelier, Michael Jordan, gift raffle and Bottle delivery at a silent auction, as well as a blind tasting with California wines.

In the latter, Francisco Domenech, Director of Fine Wines, taught his audience how to identify, by 3 steps, the types of wine.

The first thing you have to do when trying a wine, according to Mr. Domenech, is to see the colors. For this, it is necessary to move your glass and the wine to slide through the glass. In this way, the shades of purple, red, brown will shine.

Then, you continue with the sense of smell. For Domenech, this is the most important step because in it you can feel what the wine is made without even trying it. For example, the first wine had fruit tones like blueberries, and cocoa, and species such as thyme and wood.

After you have visually explore the wine and smell it, the fun part comes in: give it a sip! What does it taste like? Do you like the taste? Does it make you very dry or acidic? Maybe it’s a sweet taste with a high level of alcohol? Is it astringent, deep when you smell it? What does it remind you of when you try it?

The taster must feel the wine and pass it through his lips, through his mouth, to connect with the taste.

At the end of the tasting, Francisco unveiled the wines that the public tasted. They were all from Napa Valley, California. Also, he commented on the months they were in barrel, the type of grape they were made of and the comercial price.

Back to the salon where all the brands of wine houses were accompanied, many of them, by their owners and winemakers, attendees could taste the wines, and choose which ones to buy and which would be a perfect match with their menus.

The Wine, Beer and Distillates Fair by Baja Wines, without a doubt, was a success and the atmosphere that was lived was partly learning to find the perfect wine, meet those responsible for its production and the whole process in general, but Also, enjoy, find old friends and love the art of making wine.

Learn more about Baja Wines on their website!

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