La Paz trains the most important travel agents in Mexico.

The La Paz Tourism Trust, in partnership with the National Platform for Tourism Innovation Projects (POTENTUR), will organize training meetings from November 26 to December 1, 2023. These meetings aim to promote the destination and increase its presence in Mexico by engaging with important travel agencies. The training sessions will highlight the diverse range of tourism experiences and services La Paz offers, making it a unique and attractive destination.

La Paz is hosting several training sessions focused on the tourism products offered by the destination for more than 40 travel agents and wholesalers from 16 cities in Mexico.

“The winter season is one of the most representative periods in La Paz for the flow of visitors, so generating joint actions with travel agencies, hand in hand with strategic partners such as POTENTUR, allows us to expand the level of penetration of the destination among users and members of the industry. In addition to contributing to formalising the activity among attendees and strengthening the ties of cooperation with travel agents to encourage the destination’s presence in the domestic market”. commented Luz María Zepeda, Director of FITUPAZ.

It’s worth mentioning that this kind of action, in collaboration with POTENTUR, has been conducted in recent years with different agencies. The purpose is to enhance awareness of the destination’s services and offers. Representatives from Los Cabos will complement the training.

The La Paz Tourism Trust is committed to promoting sustainable tourism development. We aim to create favourable conditions for the industry’s growth.

Congratulations to the capital of Southern California for capturing the interest of visitors!

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