Ivett Bonifaz Famania was sworn in as national president of AMEXME A.C. 2023 – 2026

Today, at the Mexican Bankers Club, 450 businesswomen from all over the country, representatives of executive organizations and authorities from different levels of government were present to witness the inauguration of the succeeding national president, C.P. Ivett Bonifaz Famania.

The Mexican Association of Women Entrepreneurs (AMEXME) is Mexico’s largest network of women entrepreneurs, with 70 chapters nationwide. With over 58 years of experience, this association has become Mexico’s leading organization of businesswomen. It has established a network of over 2,000 women affiliated with 75 chapters across 30 states in the country.

The main objective is the participation of women in essential spaces, doing justice to its motto: “Alone invisible, united invincible”.

Today, Ivett Bonifaz Famania was sworn in as national president for a three-year term dedicated to the economic empowerment of women entrepreneurs in Mexico. A renewed Board of Directors comprising more than fifty female entrepreneurs from AMEXME Nacional A.C. will be presented to achieve a visionary plan. Their objective will be to strengthen chapters throughout the country.

The Presidium table was composed of:

Ivett Jeanett Bonifaz Famania, National President of the Mexican Association of Women Entrepreneurs, AMEXME Nacional A.C.; Mtra. Lucero Cabrales Garcia Conde, outgoing President AMEXME Nacional A.C.; Dra. H.C. Ana María Sanchéz Sánchez, World Vice President of Femmes Chefs D’Entreprises Mondiales (FCEM) for Latin America; José Abugaber Andonie, President of the Confederation of Industrial Chambers of the United Mexican States (CONCAMIN), Miguel Gallardo López, National President of Alianza por la Responsabilidad Social Empresarial en México (ALIARSE) and Óscar Leggs Castro, Mayor of the H. XIV Municipality of Los Cabos, BCS.

AMEXME Nacional A.C. has a representative office in Mexico City. For the first time, the headquarters is combined with Los Cabos, Baja California Sur, as it is the residence and business headquarters of the National President, Ivett Bonifaz Famania: a unique opportunity to highlight the South Californian identity during her administration.

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