Where Nature Intertwines with Culture and Tradition


Miraflores is a beautiful place, located less than an hour away from San José del Cabo, that offers a perfect escape from the hustle and bustle of city life. It is a perfect blend of natural surroundings and rich history, dating back to the missionary period. Even today, you can find several traditional trades, including the production of food, wood, and leather articles. So, let’s continue our journey and enjoy the charm of this beautiful town.

Boca de la Sierra

Located at the foothills of the Sierra la Laguna Biosphere Reserve, this small sub-delegation is home to less than 200 inhabitants. Despite its small size, the area boasts immaculate beauty, which is a testament to the biodiversity of the only pine-oak forest in Baja California Sur. The Arroyo de San Bernardo is a picturesque setting, surrounded by imposing mountains and a translucent body of water. Small fish curiously peek out of the water, and it’s a popular spot for friends and family to gather on weekends. Visiting the protected area with respect and care is essential to minimize environmental impact and preserve the surroundings.

El Ranchito

This community is blessed with an abundant wilderness and areas for cultivation, creating a peaceful atmosphere. Hiking enthusiasts and those who enjoy ATV tours can take advantage of the various trails and roads to explore the region, extending to Las Casitas. Catching a glimpse of the local livestock species is also possible while exploring the area. After rainfall, it is also possible to find streams that enhance the experience of being in nature.


Currently, one of this small community’s most noteworthy features is the church dedicated to Our Lady of Fatima. It is situated in front of the public square of Caduaño. However, the area was well-known for cultivating sugar cane in the past. This activity produced various sweet delights such as panocha de gajo (a sweet made from cane juice and grapefruit and bitter orange peels), piloncillo (an unrefined whole cane sugar differentiated from Brown sugar which is refined white sugar that has molasses added back to it to achieve its darker color), melcocha (a sweet toffee/ taffy candy), and guarapo (cane juice).

A man named José María Ojeda Castro, also known as “Don Chema”, lives near a trail. He bakes a bread roll called Pan Bache, sprinkled with sugar. The recipe for this bread roll is said to have originated from the culinary traditions of the Franciscan missionaries in the region. Pan Bache is very popular in the southern part of the Baja California peninsula. Don Chema makes this bread roll by hand in an artisanal way.

Visiting the interior of the ranchería zone and taking a tour of the oven is an incredible experience. It’s fascinating to talk with the owner and his family, who all participate in making Pan Bache. Witnessing the process is a delightful experience, showcasing one of the Southern Californian rancher’s enduring traditions.

El Chapuli

Following the rains, the community of the same name is blessed with a beautiful stream that flows through it. The stream is surrounded by various lush vegetation, including leafy trees like huamúchiles, palo verde, and mesquite, which create a picturesque and breathtaking scene. This spot offers a unique and alternative way to experience a different side of Los Cabos.

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