Simply: Cabo Pulmo

For someone who loves the oceans, it’s hard to overlook the community of Cabo Pulmo. This protected natural area has been declared a Natural World Heritage Site by UNESCO. People from all over the world flock to Cabo Pulmo to experience the incredibly diverse ecosystem of this vast natural aquarium.

If you want to experience what this destination offers, take advantage of the coastal route. It may be tempting to take the Transpeninsular highway San José del Cabo – La Paz, Mexico 1, but trust us, you won’t regret venturing northwest from San José del Cabo. The rustic scenery and colorful flora glimpses are a sight to behold, and the off-road adventure will leave you with unforgettable memories capturing the essence of this destination.

During its early days, the community consisted of pearl divers who passed on the fishing tradition to their children. However, over time, this practice became unsustainable, and the community had to adapt to a new way of life. As a result, fishing gradually became a thing of the past for them.

After consulting with experienced divers and scientists, they discovered the ecological significance of the only coral reef in the Gulf of California, learning about the importance of the marine gardens in their sea.

Cabo Pulmo is strictly governed by a culture of conservation, sustainability, and awareness of all activities practiced in the sub-delegation since 1995. The focus has been on promoting responsible tourism practices, which have been adopted to protect the environment.

Interesting facts:

  • • The reef is 5000 years old.
  • • It is an excellent observation point for garropas (large species of Grouper), cabrillas, sharks, turtles, and many other species.
  • • There are over 300 different species of fish.
  • • It belongs to the Gulf of California (or Sea of Cortez) and is commonly referred to as the “Aquarium of the World” by Jacques-Yves Cousteau, a French naval researcher and explorer.
  • • There are several impressive shark species found here, including bull, tiger, hammerhead, blacktip, and great white sharks.

Experience the great outdoors with a wide range of exhilarating activities! Discover the thrill of camping, hiking, diving, snorkeling, kayaking, swimming, paddle boarding, shark watching, kite surfing, or apnea. With so many options available, there’s no limit to your adventure in Cabo Pulmo!

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