Descendants of the Jesuit Father, Lorenzo Carranco

Santiago’s missionary character is marked by several historical events, one of which is the story of Father Lorenzo Carranco Barrientos. Father Lorenzo was a Jesuit missionary from Cholula, Puebla, New Spain. Who arrived in the peninsula in 1727 to take over from the Sicilian Father Ignacio María Nápoli in the Mission of Santiago de los Coras. Unfortunately, Father Lorenzo was killed by the Pericúes with arrows after being tied up and dragged through the vicinity. Like Jesuit missionary Nicolás Tamaral, who suffered the same fate on October 2, 1734.

Lorenzo Carranco made this mission thrive thanks to his unwavering dedication to evangelizing. Many inhabitants converted to Christianity under his guidance. As he taught them how to build homes, farm the land, and domesticate animals. Despite his success, there were still some natives who were hesitant to relinquish their customs like polygamy. This instability resulted in uprisings against the missionaries.

300th Anniversary of the Founding of Santiago de los Coras

Despite being made of wood, the father’s cross survived the bonfire. It was later sent to his relatives in Cholula, who have kept it for generations and remain with them today. A painting now stands in the sacristy of the parish church of San Pedro Cholula in memory of his murder.

It is heartwarming to hear that the loved ones of Father Lorenzo Carranco have set out on a journey from Cholula, Puebla, to Santiago, Baja California Sur, with such unwavering dedication to gathering information for his beatification. Their commitment is inspiring and speaks to their sincere love and respect for Father Carranco.

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