The new Board of Directors of IMEF in BCS was sworn in.

On Wednesday, February 21, 2024, the new Board of Directors of the Mexican Institute of Finance Executives (IMEF) in Baja California Sur, chaired by Raúl Falcón Hernández, was sworn in, as was the National President of IMEF, José Domingo Figueroa.

On a sunny morning, with the beautiful green views of Villa Serena and Cabo San Lucas, breakfast was held in the company of the press and some forty people associated with the organization. Within the minutes, they included the Honors to the Flag, followed by the reading of the outgoing President Gabriela Gutiérrez Mora’s report on the activities of the IMEF Baja California Sur 2022 and 2023 Group. Also, the outgoing board members were recognized during the meeting, and attendees sang the National Anthem and the Anthem of Baja California Sur.

The newly appointed Board of Directors of IMEF in Baja California Sur has emphasized that efforts are currently being made to obtain a regional indicator, which is much needed. They have clarified that the economy of this destination is different from the rest of the country, opposite to that of other states, and similar to that of the United States.

“Thank you very much to all those who will accompany me. It is a commitment that I assume with humility and determination. I know the responsibility of representing such an outstanding community of financial professionals in Baja California Sur. In assuming this position, I reaffirm my commitment to the values and principles guiding IMEF throughout its history. Excellence, ethics, integrity and commitment to the economic and social development of our country and our state. As President of IMEF, I will work, and I hope to influence as much as possible, to strengthen our role as a reference in financial matters,” said Raul Falcon Hernandez when he gave a message as President of the incoming group.

Also, it was announced that the President of the IMEF Advisory Council, Noé Espinoza, will work hand in hand with partners and authorities to make the economy appropriate and widespread, with the goal of bringing more investment.

The municipal authorities have reiterated their commitment to work hand in hand with the Institute to achieve a well-balanced economic development that benefits the community at a steady pace and is close to the people.

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