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Stand Strong

Fundación Letty Coppel “All the world’s gold means nothing. What lasts are the good works we do for others.” Adolfo Pietro Letty Coppel Foundation was created with the idea that good works are those that endure. The foundation’s philanthropic work includes five areas that promote the quality of life for the employees of the Pueblo
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Revillagigedo National Park, proudly Mexican

In the Pacific Ocean, nearly 200 miles southwest of Cabo San Lucas, resides the largest national park in North America. Revillagigedo National Park is proudly Mexican. With impressive dimensions of 37 million acres, this federally Protected Natural Area was created by presidential decree on November 27, 2017. National parks are biogeographic representations of relevance that
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La Paz

Adventure tourism in La Paz! La Paz is the ideal destination for those who prefer experiences in close proximity to nature and in an environment in harmony with the local community. If you decide to discover La Paz during the holidays, you can enjoy a diversity of beaches, landscapes, water activities, adventures and walks that
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The Legend

Juan Melgar

The saga of Uncle Locha From the top of a hill of colored stones piled on the side of the narrow path, he squints and looks southwest towards the infinite horizon. Whitish saltpeter is full of elongated mirages, sailing ships, and trees. And in the background, but still far away, are the dunes and stones
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Scented Soil

Dr. José Martin Olmos Ceseña

From: Los Cabos To: The corners of Sudcalifornia Fiction is the world of possibilities, of what could be and never was, where everything is still possible because it can happen, but has not happened yet, nor will ever happen. The unreality of fiction is not the fantastic or the implausible but what is always possible
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Luxury Avenue

Summer Time Longchamps The French luxury house Longchamp was founded in Paris in 1948. The brand’s handbags, luggage and accessories are renowned worldwide for their craftsmanship and quality. The well-earned reputation now extends to ready-to-wear apparel, shoes and eyewear collections. For decades, the company has pursued the quest for the perfectly finished product, ensuring each
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Cabo Adventures

Mexico’s premier adventure company based in Los Cabos invites you to cruise past the famous Arch, snorkel near Lover’s Beach, spend time with friendly dolphins or plan an outdoor excursion to a canyon, the desert or the mountains. Dolphin Encounter Experience the magic of interacting with dolphins in a shallow pool. Whether you choose the
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Jesus Corral

A trip through Baja California Sur represents a myriad of entertainment options. There’s gastronomy, water sports and outdoor activities such as photography tours that become more popular day by day, either with historical tours through the famous cave paintings, the missions or the contemporary architecture. In order to speak intelligently of an eminently tourist oriented
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A Note from the Editor

The route Tendencia El Arte de Viajar has been following for almost eight years is the enigmatic peninsula of Baja California Sur. The entire Southern Californian territory is full of treasures to explore. That includes beaches, islands, magical towns, biodiversity and communities with histories that offer the opportunity to immerse oneself in nature and time.
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