Mission Ruins

Anthony Quartuccio

Baja Nights, El Progreso

The nights in Baja California are incredible! I will always cherish the memories of camping among the Cirio and Cardon cactus.

I especially recall a long walk I took from the camper near El Progreso. I experienced the vastness of the desert and was engulfed in its solitude. Tall Cirios with their strange, other worldly shapes, and giant Cardons towered over sparse vegetation while bleak canyon walls rimmed the horizon.

A soft murmuring breeze gently broke the stillness of the night. Here the stars reign with astonishing brilliance and seem to almost touch the canyon’s rim. The Milky Way stretched like a lacework of twinkling dust across the darkened sky.

I was struck with awe by God’s masterpiece, as I contemplated the beauty of his creation. Peace filled my soul.

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