Greetings friends. I hope you enjoyed my previous article and seeing a bit my culinary trajectory.

This time, I want to applaud and recognize the great work of chefs and culinary colleagues across Baja California Sur. As chefs, it is difficult to find places that meet 100 percent of our expectations. That’s why most people think we are tough. In reality, we understand that what people want is to feel spoiled when they go to a restaurant and to have quality food that tastes great.

If that is what you are seeking, here are my recommendations:




El Torito Restaurant | Entrée: Instantaneous Sawfish Tostadas

At the suggestion of a friend, I had lunch at El Torito in Cabo San Lucas. I found the place clean and with an extensive menu of seafood. There was cool flavored water and, of course, cold beer. I ordered several dishes. I loved the sawfish tostada! The preparation is simple.


The fish is marinated in lemon and served on a toastada with onion and cilantro. If you want, you can add a little mayonnaise and your preferred sauce. Talking with Chef Ramon Uribe, a native of Rosarito in Sinaloa, he told me that he has been at El Torito for 12 years. He is proud of the work, the waiters and the kitchen team. His motivation is his family and to see guests enjoy their dining experience. He sends this message to customers: “Thank you for your choosing El Torito and see you soon.”




Common Table Restaurant | Main Course: Baja BBQ Pork Belly

Walking along the Cabo San Lucas marina, the aroma carried me and my family to the Common Table. The atmosphere is casual and modern, with an open kitchen and California style decor.

I met the chef, Miguel Luna. He is a native of Tijuana and studied at the French Institute in New York. The chef recommended the Baja BBQ Pork Belly. The main ingredient is pork known as pork belly. The meat is braised for several hours, sealed in the pan and finished in the oven with homemade BBQ sauce. Once ready, it is served with pasta and vegetables sauteed in oyster sauce. If you like BBQ sauce, this is a delight you cannot miss. It is worth mentioning that the Common Table offers rustic home cooked bread and new and original mixed cocktails.





CaboCakery | Dessert: Banana and Nutella Cupcakes
There is always room for dessert!

On several occasions, I have had the opportunity to work with CaboCakery to ensure the success of an event. Paulina and Aurea are friends who share a passion for baking. In 2013, they decided to become entrepreneurs and fulfill the dream of having their own bakery.

Their strong suit is attention to detail. They are always listening to their customers and transforming their ideas into a perfect reality of taste and design.

For this article, I asked them to prepare something that reflected the love I feel for the desert of Baja California Sur and its varieties of cactus and plants. Once more, I was delighted with their work.