Tendencia Avenue

With all the activities and dining options in Los Cabos, art can sometimes be way down on the list of things to do. Here are some reasons to add it to your next visit.

Inspiration is always trending in this place. There is a unique variety of multidisciplinary artists and galleries in Los Cabos. It is a must destination for art lovers and ideal for anyone who wants to take a different route to discover and probably even talk to new artists.

[two_first] Tendencia Avenue was born as a meeting place that exhibits the work of local artists. Every 45 days, a guest artist is invited to present a collection at a cocktail party and press conference. It is a gallery in constant motion.
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As an introduction to art in Los Cabos, guest artists transform the halls of Luxury Avenue into exciting exhibitions. Each work is closely linked to the energy of the peninsula and the diversity is a clear testament to artistic fearlessness. By observing the artist’s techniques, you will discover the personality in each work and be able to understand if they are making a statement or simply beautifying the chosen subject.

This year Tendencia Avenue closes the eighth exhibition with Eduardo Chillida Belzunce, a native of San Sebastian, Spain, the 2016 European Capital of Culture.


In addition to painting, photography exhibitions are also presented that reflect the beauty of the destination. They are unrepeatable moments captured through the lens of professionals.

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A significant travel experience makes you want to stay longer in that special place. Maybe even change your lifestyle. The warmth of our culture is the essence of Mexico. It allows us to embrace emotions. These experiences are the mainstay of hospitality in Los Cabos.