Laura Urrea

Expressionist, abstract and experimental artist native of Culiacan, Sinaloa. Laura grew up in a family that loved the fine arts and classical music. She claims travel as her biggest influence. Laura developed her creativity by experimenting with different materials to capture emotion in each work.

What are you most passionate about as an artist?

Conveying emotions. When people perceive emotion in my work, I achieved my purpose and it makes me feel liberated. Each piece has a lot of my energy.

How would you describe the object of your work?

Very expressive. Generally abstract.

What techniques do you use to paint?

Many techniques. My favorite are color washes, spatula painting and encaustic or using pigments mixed with hot wax.

Do you prefer to use a particular material?

The canvas will always be my number one preference. It’s where I can achieve textures and thicknesses. I have recently used printing on wood and acrylic on plexiglass.

Who has inspired you?

Overall, life inspires me. I am fortunate to have different experiences. As an artist, I love the complicated and extroverted figures in the work of Gaudí and Dalí.

How do you begin a series?

Inspiration sometimes comes while working and sometimes it comes during everyday life, even while sleeping because my brain does not rest. I am intense about my profession.

Favorite colors?

Turquoise, clear blue and purples.


What is the hallmark of your work?

Innovation. I like working with different materials and spatula painting.

Where have you exhibited your work?

I started in Monterrey at CONARTE. Also in hotels and private events in San Diego, the embassy in Dallas, San Francisco, Los Angeles and group exhibitions in Los Cabos.

What has been the most important moment in your career?

Establishing a gallery. This growth step marked a turning point in my career due to the commitment required to constantly produce works of art.

How did you decide to open a gallery and why did you choose Los Cabos?

It was a momentous decision. People search for art in this destination. Even visitors think about acquiring art. It is an artistic place by nature.

What feeling do you experience when delivering a custom work?

Adrenaline and satisfaction. If I give a piece to someone because it was chosen. I like signing each work after it is delivered. If possible, I want to know where its new home will be.

What is the biggest challenge you have faced as an artist?

The first time I did a gicleé, a fine art digital print. I’m a perfectionist. I demand a lot and I ventured outside my boundaries with this work. I definitely went out of my comfort zone and I feel I grew because of the experience. It is a substantial challenge.

Is there a reason why you leave your work unsigned?

Yes, it provides an opportunity to establish a link to the customer. I indeed put a lot of energy in each work and I enjoy knowing where the work is and to have a record of who retains each piece. Besides, I can play with the versatility of the piece. I can hang it vertically in the gallery. However, there may be a valid reason for someone to hang it horizontally. I sign it at the new owner’s home.


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Issue 28 - Art
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