Dance, as a lifestyle

Dancing is felt in the body, soul and mind. It is an accumulation of sensations that can only be experienced by sliding your feet and moving your body. It鈥檚 like following a compass; turn, turn, turn until you reach a sublime moment when, in a bright magical instant, you fly free. It is a feeling only dance can give you.

Dancing is a reflection of oneself. It is a lifestyle that enriches the spirit in a gentle way and teaches discipline and teamwork. Another benefit of dance is the pursuit of a healthy lifestyle. Since a balanced diet is required to perform well, dance motivates you to change bad eating habits. The result is an excellent quality of life.

The energy required in a dance class burns a lot of calories and can vary depending on the type of dance and how often you participate. It is a pleasure to lose weight in an environment you enjoy while lengthening and strengthening all the muscles of the body. Dance also leaves you with a stylish figure that improves your self-perception and emotional well-being.

[two_first] When it comes to dance, neither sex or age is an object. The tenacity of a daily class brings rewards through the interpretation of choreography and fully enjoying the feel of the music and the way it communicates emotions. Dance exercise routines can promote muscular tone and flexibility, while reinforcing memory, coordination and vision, among other benefits.

For those who are passionate about dance, even at the professional level, dance promotes physical and mental discipline, as well as respect and harmony with others. Dance encourages sensitivity, which is critical if one wants to allow feelings to flow, overcome shyness and achieve full socialization.

The benefits gained by dancing are many, such as correct body posture, balance control, increased motor skills, better reflexes, improved listening skills and more. Participating in a dance class is a pleasure that does not end. It is a subtle way of relaxing body and mind, releasing stress and anxiety – all leading to peace and confidence in oneself.

It is the dance …

Elegant and ethereal geometry

Like the faint whisper of a sigh

Invading the space in which I look at it

It’s the dance, true … and it’s fantasy.

The spirit impresses its joy

That subtle grace … that I admire so much

Her rhythm … what an unusual breath

It is fleeting donaire … and it is poetry.

It is winged vision like a graceful wind

It is the bird’s sweet, sonorous voice

And it is the perpetual image of a moment.

It is a spark of light of eternal dawn

It is the force that animates a feeling

And it is of immortal art … creative source.

N茅stor Ag煤ndez Mart铆nez

Todos Santos, BCS

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Issue 29 - Life in Balance
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