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Cave Paintings

Enrique Hambleton Professional photographer, writer and conservationist of Baja California Sur’s heritage. Thanks to Enrique’s research and work, the Cave Paintings of the Sierra de San Francisco were declared a World Heritage Site by Unesco in 1993. Mexican citizen with deep roots in Baja California Sur, the first von Borstel arrived to La Paz from Germany
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José Soto Molina

ORIGIN OF CULINARY TRADITIONS The origin of dishes typically prepared during the 19th century came from missionaries and the first colonists. The cuisine was influenced by two separate geographic sources. 1) The towns of San Jose and San Miguel de Comondu, La Purisima-San Isidro, San Luis Gonzaga and the old orchards of the mountain area,
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Rocks near Cataviña

Anthony Quartuccio

Immense boulders transform the landscape into a spectacular rock garden near Cataviña. Thousands of rocks ranging in size from marbles to housetops are scattered for miles as though they were tumbled by the giant hand of nature. Cirio and cactus plants are wedged among the boulders, battling their way upward, creating an incredible sight. Every
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