The Bisbee’s Black & Blue tournament has been held more than 35 times in Cabo San Lucas, making the event the most important fishing tournament in the world. The 12th Sabor a Cabo festival and the sixth Los Cabos Film Festival are also being organized, just to mention a few sporting, dining and cinematic events.

Los Cabos is the sixth busiest national airport in terms of commercial flights and the second for private flights. In addition, there are fully equipped marinas ready to receive yachts and a transpeninsular highway that, year after year, receives tourists from the United States and Canada in all types of vehicles.

Los Cabos has resurfaced as a fashion destination, reinvented after hurricane Odile in 2014 and, this time, stronger than ever. With 33 percent more tourist infrastructure than just two years ago and many luxury hotels opening projects over the following 18 months. All this has helped position this destination as a worldwide favorite.

Conducting an event in Los Cabos requires specialized logistics. Due to the privileged location and almost nine months of mild weather a year, events can be planned outdoors. Today, the necessary infrastructure is available for large groups and conventions in spaces equipped to handle any request. At the international level, the APEC and G20 meetings have taken place here in past years.

[two_first] Medical laboratories, pharmaceutical companies, automotive agencies, space agencies, major fashion brands, telecommunication companies, as well as all types of professions have found the perfect setting in Los Cabos for achieving the desired impact on corporate events and conventions.

Los Cabos is a relatively young destination, still in the growth stage of tourism development. Although Los Cabos has been able to take advantage of market conditions, there is still a long way to go. However, the future appears very positive as evidenced by the investments that arrive year after year.

Considering the end of the peninsula for any size event is always a good idea, from a family celebration, a wedding, a birthday, to a big business convention or a global political summit.

There’s no better choice than Los Cabos!

Los Cabos entered the world of tourism by making the transformation from a fishing village with commercial, agricultural and ranching to a luxury destination. However, the theme of events or groups and conventions did not seem to matter in the area.

Today, there is a wide range of events, groups and conventions who bring their business to Los Cabos.

Despite a rapidly expanding reputation for extraordinary beaches and sport fishing and being a favorite of celebrities from the artistic, social and political world of the United States, Los Cabos remained isolated. The only way to get here was small airplanes that landed at hotel airports installed in the 1950s and 60s.

As a result, Fonatur was created in the 1970s. The Fund would give life to Mexican tourism in an organized manner. San Jose del Cabo was chosen as one of the first destinations to boost development because of the natural characteristics. The 1978 master plan included hotel and residential areas, a two-stage golf course, and a convention center (auditorium) which, although small, met the needs at the time as well as short and medium growth projections.

Success was just a matter of time. The actual growth was higher than projected by Fonatur. The 1990s will be remembered as an important watershed in terms of major events, group meetings and conventions. In 1994, the Westin Regina Hotel opened and provided several modular halls for events. A series of presentations were organized over several days to celebrate the event.

The following year, the PGA Senior Slam Tournament was held here. The event attracted notable personalities from the world of golf. Now, there are a number of very important public and private tournaments held here every year. The players and spectators who attend enjoy days complemented by extraordinary gastronomy and events for every taste.

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Estudios han sugerido que la capacidad de una ciudad para adaptarse a los cambios determina su habilidad para competir en el mundo. El aumento del tráfico aéreo y el interés en nuevas inversiones demuestra la competitividad de Los Cabos. De una manera eficiente, se conserva el dinamismo con eventos de diferente personalidad que permiten promover este destino en diversos segmentos de mercado, así esta península logra una posición envidiable como uno de los sitios turísticos favoritos para visitar. En esta edición, presentamos algunas interesantes entrevistas y artículos sobre lo que acontece en Los Cabos. ¡Disfrútalos!


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