Stand Strong

Fundación Huitziyolotl A.C.

Uniting the heart with the will to serve

Fundación Huitziyolotl A.C. works to support the most vulnerable community in the Los Cabos area.

Founder Gabriela Camus believes all human beings need to reinvent themselves and make the most of every opportunity to grow stronger.

With the objective that every human being can achieve greater wellbeing, Huitziyolotl Foundation serves through unity, leadership and harmony.


Serve with love and honesty and offer kindness to every vulnerable human being.

Areas of Support

  • Attention to basic requirements regarding subsistence
  • Medical assistance and rehabilitation
  • Legal assistance and support for the rights of the minor
  • Assistance in social rehabilitation
  • Drug and alcohol rehabilitation
  • Help with funeral services
  • Social orientation, education and employment training
  • Development of indigenous peoples and communities
  • Support for social groups with disabilities
  • Promotion of the local economy

Volunteer and in-kind contributions are welcome.

Cecilia Nava
Tel (624)163-5920

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