Weddings are spectacular any time of the year in Los Cabos. The colors are in harmony with the locations and inspiration has no limits here. As a result, couples can plan the most memorable event down to the smallest detail.

The peninsula’s warm climate also offers endless options for guests. The choices are nearly endless for them to enjoy their stay to the fullest, including sailing on a yacht, spending the day in a spa, playing golf and, above all, enjoying excellent cuisines.

We interviewed Marianna Idirin, an event designer with 15 years of experience and someone who loves to highlight the nature of the destination through her event planning.

In addition, we have collected information from wedding connoisseurs like Del Cabo Event Design to help you navigate the incredible world of flower arrangements, centerpieces, furniture and all the decorative touches that will make the event even more impressive.

They all have something in common. They are inspired by nature, fashion, food and the wide variety of cultural traditions.

In this edition, we have chosen photography from Daniel Jireh’s portfolio, and gather the most up-to-date information on wedding planning in Los Cabos.

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