Sabor a Cabo

“Los Cabos is a magical destination with excellent infrastructure, tropical warmth and a degree of spirituality that makes it an ideal place to live.” Gianmarco Vela

Sabor a Cabo came straight from the heart of visionaries such as Edith Jimenez, Carmen Carbajal, Jacobo Turquie, Alfonso Vazquez, Ulises Mendez, Denis Gabriel, Luis Alvarado, Jorge Viaña, Billy Lagarde and Giammarco Vela.

Each shares the desire to contribute something to Los Cabos. In fact, the objective from the very first event has been to give back to the community. That continues to be the motor of the event. The participation of the restaurants involved is a reflection of their commitment to the destination.

Why did you agree to join the Sabor a Cabo project?


Sabor a Cabo is an annual event and unique to Los Cabos in the sense that it is one hundred percent organized by locals. The proceeds go to local organizations such as the fire department or the Red Cross. The board of directors is made up of business people with a lot of passion. Year after year, they work to improve and promote the destination through their restaurants.

As the CANIRAC 2014 president, what is the biggest challenge in developing this event?

Personally, the biggest challenge I had to face was Hurricane Odile. In mid-September we were surprised by its impact and the event that year focused on recovering as soon as possible. It was a challenge and at the same time, a strength. We all wanted to dig ourselves out of the hole as fast as possible. Teamwork made that easier. The Sabor a Cabo event this year was celebrated during the tourism high season and marked a turning point in the recovery of the destination.

Which of your skills was in greatest’s demand when it came to be organizing this event?

I would say coordinating so many people through so many variables. It almost seemed that it was by magic that everything worked on the day of the event. In addition, I could see the restaurateurs in motion. I had to manage their strong will and the love they have for destiny. It led to incredible presentations and the desire to develop an event of international stature.

How does each restaurant participate?

Reinforcing the event objective, each restaurant that gets involved does so voluntarily by showing gratitude to a destination that offers an exclusive standard of living. Of course, in addition to the original partners, the event has attracted more sponsors such as AHLC, FITURCA, FITUES, and more.

What has been the participation of the DMC, Hotel Association, Concierges, and Fiturca?

The investment in marketing that various sectors and sponsors provide is incredible. This has elevated the event to the international level.

At the same time, it has been possible to generate greater permanence in the destination with a series of events that revolve around gastronomy. This idea started in 2014 with a week of culinary events on the streets of San José del Cabo and in boat. The Beer Fest week were added later.

I should mention Sabor a Cabo Rural. The cuisines of Southern California were nowhere as well-known as they are today. Edith Jimenez, founding partner of Sabor a Cabo, undertook the task of traveling through the sierra to complete an exhaustive investigation into the roots of regional dishes.

Edith shared her passion for authentic local food with the members of Canirac and Sabor a Cabo. This is how Sabor a Cabo Rural was born in 2012.

Participate around 20 restaurants, who have the challenge of prepare recipes cooked in a traditional manner and with local ingredients. In addition, music and folklore presented too in this natural environment.

How does Sabor a Cabo change year after year?


In turn, each president influences the festival with his or her special touch. The president works with a team. The ideas contributed by each team enrich the festival and make Sabor a Cabo spectacularly dynamic. The reality is that the committee is not afraid to take risks. Everyone’s ideas are respected and no matter how innovative they may seem, they are analyzed to see if they can be transformed into reality. Support for all is very positive.

In your opinion, what has this culinary festival contributed to Los Cabos?

Sabor a Cabo is an event that includes all the cabeños, with many sponsors involved. The participation of the entire destination manages to present something memorable every year. It is absolutely the most spectacular gastronomic event in Mexico!

What does it mean for Sabor a Cabo to receive recognition at the Culinary Awards Los Cabos?


Twelve years may not sound like a long time. However, we didn’t realize what this event meant to the destination and local residents. Receiving this recognition was a very important moment. What began as a contribution to the destination through gastronomy has added wineries, distilleries, and a festive setting filled with music.

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Edición 39 - Eventos
Edición 39 - Eventos
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