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La Paz-Airapi

La Paz as seen through legends and traditions part III

Also called “The Country of Pearls,” La Paz still has rich treasures of mother-of-pearl in its bosom. It holds a special fascination with visitors, as well as with the pen of great writers through the times. Inspired by the unique geography, the diversity of life in its seas, and the wealth of the daily life
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The sloop in Airapi

La Paz as seen through legends and traditions part II

Driven by those gentle waves, the sloop “The Triumph of the Santa Cruz” arrived on November 4, 1720. This landing was totally different from the others. It was not a galleon manned by armed soldiers. It was just a sloop. Yes, a sloop bringing soldiers but only those necessary to support the Jesuits who, dressed
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La Paz as seen through legends and traditions

Called Airapi, the most beautiful pearl of the southern seas, by those brown skin people who owned you, who belonged to you in each stone, in each palm, on each smooth hill, in each shell, in each sunset and in each pearl. The Gulf of California has a rightful place in our history. It surrounds
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BCS Community Alliance delivers Medical Equipment and Supplies

The Baja California Sur Community Alliance (BCSCA) continues with its commitment to provide PPE (Personal Protective Equipment) for frontline health personnel and supply supplemental medical resources to manage the COVID-19 pandemic. Just over two months after the activities of the Alliance (BCSCA) began, their numbers report $100,000 dollars in equipment and medical supplies have been
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