A Healthy Lifestyle with California Ranch Market

We often wonder about making plans for the future without living the present, the here and now. The mind is a powerful motor that needs to be at its best to make the right choices. Hence our decisions will be in tune with our body because of the mindsets the judgments of when to exercise or what to eat?   

To live a healthy lifestyle requires an unbelievable amount of effort, but the results are worthy. To change your routine and make changes in your way of life is a choice we all have to make.  

Begin with the mind, know who you are. At a spiritual phase, the brain needs to understand that living in the past will only make you depressive because it reminds you of those moments you cherish, and the future makes you anxious, not knowing what would happen to your life.  

The key to breaking free is by staying at the present moment. When you are in observation mode is when you are fully awakeyou begin to see what you haven’t seen before.  

Try five or ten minutes of meditation at the beginning or the end of your day. Remember that meditation is not putting your mind in blank but acknowledging the presence of thoughts and let them go. With an active mind, you are ready to continue with your body.  

The body needs exercise. You can start with four times per week with some yoga or pilates and mixing them with cardio to keep your heart popping. If you want to take it to the next level, go to a gym with a personal trainer or start lifting some weight!  

Most importantly, the way you eat will determinate your improvement. We all begin as hunter-gatherers, and we have evolved since then into the microwave and fast food. In this era of wisdom and liberty, we have taken the technology and revolutionized the way we eat. But not in a very suitable way.  

We should go back to plant-based diets, incorporating lots of fruits and vegetables to have more energy. We should go back to organic food, mixing the now called superfoods, sugar-free or gluten-free if required, as well as farm to bag products that make us feel at our best because we are paying attention to the ingredients we put in our bodies through the mouth. You can find a wide variety of organic products in California Ranch Market, a company that is interested in providing top merchandises to help you in your daily diet. From different sauces and dressings for your salads such as Newman’s Lite Italian Dressing and Walden Farms Raspberry Dressing to healthy snacks like Lundberg Sea Salt Chips and Late July Quinoa.  

They also have pasta like the Tinkyada Brown Rice Lasagna or the Tinkyada Fusilli Brown Rice Pasta. If you want dairy and alternatives, the Organic Valley branch has options such as the Muenster Cheese, Sharp Cheddar, Colby, Blue, Swiss, Mild Cheddar, Mozzarella, Parmesan among others.  

All of these organic products can be part of your new healthy journey! Make sure to visit this incredible store and get excited for the world of possibilities to feeling better and as a result, living with a better quality of life.  

The first two photos have been taken from the Bonappetit magazine and Miranda Kerr Instagram. 





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