Fearless: Sales and Entrepreneurship

For the first time, Los Cabos hosted the FEARLESS sales and entrepreneurial seminar! 

Tony Martinez, the founder of the event, is also one of the youngest sales strategists and consultants in the exclusive timeshare industry with Trend comments how FEARLESS first arose in Playa del Carmen in 2016 with the support of one of its mentors, Neil Cooper, They manage to gather important sellers in a seminar that motivates, includes challenges and practical advice for those who develop in this segment. Now in 2019, Tony sets his sights on Los Cabos, he returns 12 years after having lived in this beautiful destination. 

“I lived here when I was 19 and I always had a love for Los Cabos. I believe that people are serious, committed and interested in learning. I was pleasantly impacted with Los Cabos, I am witness to a destiny that has managed to evolve, grow and develop in an organized way. The business sector works hand in hand with various organizations and this is an essential key to keep Los Cabos as an example in many areas. “ 

What inspires you in life? 

Inspiring others is one of my motivations, especially to lose fear: Be Fearless! This is how driven by one of my mentors, I seek to convey this motivation to others. Everyone needed to find their internal motivation, and it has to be more than money. 

How do you define success? 

For me, it is a place of peace and inner happiness. Of course, this will be different for each person, and everyone will have requirements to achieve it. 

What is the importance of being consistent? 

Wow, it’s all! To achieve success, to achieve your goals, it is very important to be consistent in the same direction to reach the endpoint. And then surely other goals will arrive, and the constancy will help you to complete them. 

What has been the biggest challenge you have faced in your career? 

Myself, my mind. Psychology says that human by default is more negative than positive. My own thoughts, that inner voice that tends to limit and restrain me when facing a great project. Curiously, those same fears get bigger as I have progressed in my career. So, it is a continuous confrontation to be FEARLESS. 

What is your next goal at that time of your life? 

What a good question! At this moment my goal is to understand what I want to do for the rest of my life. The reality is that I have been risking and playing with the business, resources, and support of the people around me, I have given good results; However, my goal now is to know what I want to do for the rest of my life. For me, leaving a legacy that impacts is important and this is something I should evaluate. 

On Thursday, August 1, the Fearless conference took place in the Pabellon Cultural de la Republica with lectures on how to be a great seller and entrepreneur. 600 people attended among those who work in real estate, as well as timeshare, general sales, and marketing.  

The first speaker was Nico Wilmes, visionary, entrepreneur and CEO of Los Amigos Tulum. Nico has revolutionized the world of technology with innovative ideas to build and develop condominiums. He has been one of the pioneers in introducing Mexico into the world of sustainability, with clean energy and ideas like a 360 ° pool.  

The second talk was in charge of Brent Underdahl, considered the most important seller in Los Cabos when it comes to timeshare as a closer. Brent talked about the importance of sales psychology, how crucial it is to speak to the client from the heart and the difference between manipulation and persuasion.  

Before the break, Nick Fong, real estate leader and founder of Los Cabos Agent, took the stage. His hard work has earned him the #1 title for in house sales in this tourist destination; he shared the acronym: SELL  

  • SERVE: being there for your client, for example, picking them up from the airport.  
  • ENERGY: you got to have good energy, this means a good morning routine, sleep 8 hours, and exercise.  
  • LISTEN: Don’t talk, let your client be the one to talk. Listen to what he has to say. Ask them questions to know his story! 
  • LEARN: Go to seminars, read a lot, find a mentor you trust, and can continue learning.  

Tony Martinez, founder, and Peter Voogd were the last two speakers who presented their ideas and modus operandi of the strategies they implement in their day. They talked of the importance of human psychology, of energy and how it is essential in life to make goals come true.  

Part of the ticket prices and funds raised during the event were designated to the Los Cabos Children’s Foundation, to help children with cancer.  

Fearless gave you goosebumps when the different speakers took the stage, but more importantly, it showed us that everything can be achieved with perseverance and passion for what you do. The secret is to be fearless in your life, to live to the fullest, because only then you will find success. 


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