Breathless and fearless traveling

A journey stirs up in you an entire range of emotions. You can feel excitement, adrenaline, expectation… and even fear. Fear of what awaits you when you decide to venture beyond your comfort zone.

Traveling means leaving the routine and the hours working on the computer behind. Traveling means forgetting about responsibilities and engagements. Traveling means, at least for a few days, living the present, the here and now, in a state of immediacy and survival. The ideal situation to bring afloat your inner creativity.

When you enter the Baja California Sur peninsula, something changes. For starters, it’s one of the most beautiful states in Mexico. That is a fact. The biodiversity, the flora and fauna, the beaches, the rocky monuments of millions of years, and the extraordinary plains that appear while you go on the road remind you of the richness of the territory and how much we still need to explore.

You wish to take a chance, to dare to discover places full of history and to get to know the community through its inhabitants. People that, in a few hours, become your friends.

Cave paintings, Jesuit missions, places once walked by the pericues, cochimies, and guaycuras. Baja California Sur, located between the Pacific Ocean and the Sea of Cortez, opens up between two seas to welcome you.

Join us on this journey to explore dream places that will take your breath, and fear, away. They will allow you to encounter with yourself and nature in a synergy between the past, the present of your visit, and, above all, these places’ possible future.

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