Telling Stories Through Jewelry

They view their line of work as a blessing enabling them to express their individuality, travel to worlds born in the imagination, and “speak with their hands” by developing a visual language reflected in their creations.

Irreverence and elegance are the adjectives that describe Indira & Isidro. For over a decade, the artwork and craftsmanship have enchanted tourists to downtown San José del Cabo, even capturing the attention of national and international runways. One of the most valuable lessons the brand has learned is how challenging it can be to cross barriers.

The essence of life and the natural elements of the region converge through experimental techniques used to create the collections: Espiritu del Mar (Spirit of the Sea), México es Plata y lo Llevamos en La Piel (México is Silver, and We Carry on the Skin), and Sueños de Colibrí (Dreams of Colibri).

The secret to their success is the personality infused into each creation, forged to generate dialogue through the cultural context. Then, in the first half of 2023, they returned to the catwalks, this time to the “old world”, Milan Fashion Week, to showcase the Spring-Summer trends, which were characterized by a mix of textures, fun, and color.

About Indira and Isidro

Indira López is originally from Baja California Sur, specifically from San José de Magdalena, Mulegé. She has a law degree, and in 2010, she decided to enter the jewelry industry to express her creativity and pride in her heritage. She launched her company “Indira Gems,” which was influenced by South Californian culture.

Isidro Sánchez was born in México City. And recalled having a strong connection to art because of his family background. While working and mastering techniques and skills in Cancún, Quintana Roo; Isidro began his career in jewelry in 1985. He mentions with great affection and admiration how Indira brought color to her collections.

The creative duo decided to merge their businesses in 2017, becoming Indira & Isidro Jewelry Designers, a single unique brand that perfectly encapsulates their personalities, style, concepts, and expertise.

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