Las Manitas: Precious Rock Art in the Los Cabos Mountain Range

When discussing cave paintings in Baja California Sur, the northern part of the peninsula is renowned for its outstanding examples of murals, such as those found in Sierra de San Francisco, or the cave of San Borjitas (also known as San Borja or San Borjita) located in the Sierra de Guadalupe for be the largest representations of prehistoric art.

The Santa Anita suburb in San Jos茅 del Cabo features some impressive stone art that dates back at least 3,000 years. On a large rock inside Ramal de Los Naranjos are small handprints, long lines, dots, and images of wild animals, such as lizards, which decorate its surface. This location is truly extraordinary and worth a visit for anyone interested in ancient history.

The place has a certain magnetism that draws people in with the work of the Eduas or Coras, an indigenous group that used to live in the southern part of the peninsula until their extinction. When visiting, it’s hard not to imagine daily life for the native populations who once walked along these streams and paths.

As you venture along each trail, the majestic waterfalls, vibrant vegetation, and massive white rocks fill you with wonder and inspire you to appreciate the beauty of this mountain range. You can’t help but feel humbled by the grandeur of the natural world surrounding you.

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