We Are Local People: José de Jesús Montaño Avilés

Meet Jesús, also affectionately known as “Chucho Montaño” in the Los Cabos community! From a young age, his adventurous and lively spirit led him to explore multiple sports, cultural, and artistic disciplines. Jesús is a true inspiration and a beloved member of our community.

​He describes himself as a responsible communicator, a lover of Baja California Sur and cave paintings, an avid cinematographic and culinary culture promoter, a marine species protector, and a sport fishing advocate.

For years, he has been a beloved fixture on radio shows, including the immensely popular “Despierta Pariente”. His presence has helped countless listeners start their day cheerfully and optimistically. By sharing his musical tastes, knowledge, and experiences, he seeks to make a positive contribution to society. Tune in to his show and discover the uplifting effect it can have on your mornings.

​His passion for movies led him to establish the Cine Club Documental. This initiative gave rise to the first forum for screening, disseminating, and discussing documentary films in Los Cabos. Every Tuesday at 8 pm, there is a screening of documentaries at the Casa de la Cultura “Prof. Alfredo Green González” located in San José del Cabo, which is open for everyone to attend and participate in discussions on the subject.

​Immerse yourself in the world of Sashimi at the upcoming Sashimi Fest. He founded this event and was inspired by the versatility of preparing this popular dish. The 7th edition of this festival will be held during the traditional festivities of San José del Cabo in 2024 and will feature the participation of special guests. Hotel restaurants, local chefs, and even students will be participating in this competition, which tests the creativity and seasoning of the participants in a healthy and collaborative environment.

Chucho Montaño’s love for reading, especially in history and philosophy, has inspired him to share his knowledge and experiences with those around him. His infectious, cheerful personality has touched the hearts of the people he interacts with, spreading positivity and joy throughout Southern California.

​No matter which project Chucho Montaño is focused on, his zest for life infuses his work. He lives each day as an adventure with excitement, passion, energy, and quick intellect.

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