Fausto “Chato” Martínez

He is the son of José “Che” Martínez Castro and sometimes accompanies his father on tours, although his main occupation is to take care of orchards and ranches. He is currently in charge of the orchard at Rancho El Belén in Loreto. Over the years, he has learned the art of agriculture; his favourite activity is cultivating the land.

He grew up among the mountains and under the eternal starry sky, and his mischievous character is evident. He mentions that he has ridden mules and compares them to 4×4 pickup trucks for their “all-terrain” ability to cross the Camino Real. According to him, “they have strength at the front,” he says. This strength allows them to handle challenging terrain with ease.

Of what life in the ranches and on the trails has to offer, Chato prefers camping. He likes to spend the evening playing cards and chatting until daylight. “We were coming with Trudi’s daughter (Angell). I had already gone to bed, but when I saw that they were playing Uno, I got up and said, ‘I play too’. And I beat her,” he exclaims proudly.

Chato says the people who inspired him to grow up are his Mom and Dad. “I want to learn more, to have more ideas. You get to be great, purely by watching, to see how the grown-ups do things.”

You will undoubtedly gain valuable knowledge and skills that will help you become a better person. Who knows where his observations will take him?

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