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Voces de Niños A.C

Stand Strong

Voces de Niños A.C. (Children’s Voices) focuses on specific language disorders with the goal of working for the inclusion of people with special needs in society. Language disorders persistently hinder linguistic communication and affect other intellectual and personality aspects that interfere with the social relationships, school performance and family life of individuals. Voces de Niños
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Association of food and beverage leaders in Los Cabos

Once again, Los Cabos demonstrated a remarkable ability to work together. With the goal of highlighting Mexican cuisine and service in a destination that is determined to remain on the cutting edge, the first state association of food and beverage leaders was officially created in November 2019. There are currently 110 members, including A&B executives,
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A Sophisticated Mediterranean Restaurant

Sorstis La Paz

La Paz has captivated visitors with its splendid beaches, dazzling sunsets and, increasingly, a growing gastronomic business that brings delicious offerings from far and wide to the capital of South California. Centrally located a few streets from the cathedral, Sorstis is the most sophisticated Mediterranean cuisine restaurant in the destination. The owners have used their
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The Bareño Family of the Californias

Californian Literature

“All families form a cluster of memories, stories, and events that are shared and passed from one generation to the next. They constitute a family’s collective memory.” Our curiosity about the origin and the stories of those who settled the Californias has revealed a panoramic view of this region’s past. The relationship between history and
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Products Mexico provides to the world and their denomination of origin

A story from the desk of Laura G. Bueno

Where does the word “Mexico” come from? The origin is from the last civilization that lived in the Great Tenochtitlan in 152, the city of the “Mexicas” (also known as Aztecs). Just as the name of this country has historical roots, the ancestral products and ingredients of the lands at this latitude put Mexico on
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Los Cabos is on its way to becoming the standard for bars around the world!

Mixology came about as a way of introducing unusual drinks to the culinary world through new flavors and ingredients. Digging deeper, the term mixology means using different techniques and skills in the art of creating cocktails. The path of cocktail enjoyment has taken unexpected twists and turns and now owns a position with diners that
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Discover the gastronomy of Los Cabos

Fideicomiso de Turismo de Los Cabos

The multiple influences from Asian, European and definitely the Mexican cuisine, have contributed to the great gastronomic scene in Los Cabos. Made up of unique traditions, luscious ingredients -including the best seafood-, prominent restaurants, renowned chefs and mind-blowing recipes, the gastronomy of the region is as local as cosmopolitan. What is interesting to see in
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