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Love in the Old Days

Gabriel Fonseca

Baja California Sur is perfect for love. It is a land full of minerals and great energy that many call paradise.   Before the mid-twentieth century, San Jose del Cabo was a very romantic town where any romance was news. The city was home to ancient traditions from all over the world and people’s background
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The First Caning in los Cabos

By Gabriel Fonseca

  The proximity to the United States and Canada, the originality and challenges of the golf course designs and the beauty of the landscapes that combine desert, sea and mountains make Los Cabos the Mexican capital of golf. It was wisely decided in the initial planning for our tourist destination that sport fishing and golf
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Catalina Island

By Gabriel Fonseca

Just one image captured from space is needed to see that the Mexican California Peninsula is a unique habitat on this planet. The land is impressive for its mountainous spine and the vivid contrast of arid soil and the color of the surrounding sea.
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