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Los Cabos: An Expanding Golf Landscape

Brian McCallen

While most international golf destinations are static or shrinking, Los Cabos has a handful of exciting new projects that will solidify its reputation as the “Golf Capital of Latin America.” There are 15 golf courses currently open and several more on the drawing board. Thanks to the unique mountain-desert-ocean environment, ideal climate, improved air transportation
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Mercedes Trophy 2016

The Grand National Final of the 2016 Mercedes Trophy was celebrated in Los Cabos. The lucky winners will participate in the International Grand Final in Stuttgart, Germany.   The Mercedes Trophy is the most anticipated amateur golf tournament in Mexico. More than 50,000 golfers participate in the tournament in different countries. Mexico is one of
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Golf as a reflection of life

Nubia Sarabia

Nubia Sarabia Athletes struggle in every sport to go beyond the boundaries they set for themselves in their minds. When self-imposed limitations are overcome, we become witnesses to spectacular performances that are turned into records and a source of inspiration. The mind is the number one adversary that trainers and sport psychologists battle. Is this
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A story from the desk of Laura G. Bueno

While some people are attracted to places in the world that are considered cultural centers, others choose destinations that resemble paradise where they can submerge themselves in the world of golf. Just as St. Andrews, Scotland, the birthplace of golf, is an attractive destination for anyone who loves golf, Los Cabos is not far behind.
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