Christina Lyon considers Los Cabos a destination that inspires visitors. It is that fascination for this location that serves as the reason for the founding of Gala de Danza and has directed its operation since 2013. The first year performance brought friends of the artists together as part of the program. With Lulu Tellez as Associate Director, Gala de Danza has evolved and now transforms the lives of talented children. That’s in addition to being an incredible spectacle.

Each year a student, from Lulu Tellez Academy, has the opportunity to debut and become a professional dancer. Competent young dancers like Mariana Carillo, Mariana Alfaro and Andres Zuniga have been invited to take part in renowned ballet companies associated with the Protégé Project. The mission of the project is to have professional dancers become mentors for new artists.


Gala de Danza is an exciting show. The versatility of the repertoire enables you to travel the world through different genres of music and dance. In collaboration with Youth America Grand Prix, some young finalists are invited to dance with the artists in the main cast. This fusion ensures a fun and captivating evening that will touch your soul in many different ways.

Professional artists of international renown such as Ekaterina Kondaurova, Xander Parish, Yulia Zagoruychenko, Riccardo Cocchi, Daniel Camargo, Beckanne Sisk, Adrian Fry, Adiarys Almeida and Taras Domitro have been a part of Gala de Danza.


Discipline, delicacy, strength, passion and romance are some of the emotions that each piece of dance awakens in the audience with totally inspiring performances.


“I am pleased with the success of Gala de Danza Mexico. We have grown in just four years with the support of the Los Cabos community that appreciates dance. Several artists have submitted requests to participate in this event. We have a waiting list that will ensure the event for five consecutive more years,” said Christine Lyon.

“It is important that the community recognizes Gala de Danza as a Los Cabos owned event. While we give ourselves with passion to make it happen, success is dependent on participation and public attendance,” stated Lulu Tellez