La Mula 1000 Tribute to the Royal Road.

The 1000 Mule, as its name suggests, is a horseback ride that travels the entire peninsula from San Jose del Cabo, Baja California Sur, to Tecate, Baja California. Almost 1,000 miles are covered in a voyage that lasts between four and five months.

The mules, which travel 20 kilometres a day, are in good health and also have a good memory for remembering the route, the so-called “Camino Real”. This trail was opened by missionaries and military escorts and served mainly to maintain communications, supply, and exchange of livestock and ornaments between the missions.

If you plan to do this unforgettable ride, hiring a local guide who knows the trail is essential to make the most of the adventure. The trip may pose some challenges due to fluctuating temperatures, but the natural beauty and picturesque scenery will make it worthwhile.

The Mule 1000 was first performed in 2013 by Trudi Angell, Olivia Angell (Trudi’s daughter) and Leslie Pringle. Their adventure had two objectives: the first was to recognize those who made this journey for the first time and who, fifty years ago, rode from Tecate to Cabo San Lucas. On this occasion, Eva Young, who belongs to the original tour group, accompanied them for the first 10 days of the trip. The second objective was to promote security throughout the peninsula to the entire world through blogs and websites.

Trudi and her daughter, Olivia, completed the 5th leg of their Long Ride from 2000 to 2009, covering almost the entire length of Baja California by mule! Later, in late 2013 and early 2014, they managed to hike 108 days on muleback. They are a true inspiration for all those who aspire to explore and discover Baja California.


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