Scented Soil: Health through water

Earth orphan of water, salt and foam… holding legends of cactus, bushes and pirates… (Jesus Lopez Gastelum, 1927)

People have used water for the improvement and maintenance of health since ancient times; sometimes searching for miraculous waters. Both freshwater and seawater have their own characteristics and various civilizations have left us with many different uses and customs.

Hot springs are the preferred alternative for water treatments and health maintenance. In the Los Cabos area, there are several places where you can enjoy this natural luxury. One is Santa Rita, a ranch located in the vicinity of the Sierra de la Laguna. The hot spring emerges from mountain rocks and provides a continuous stream most of the year. It has the added value of a beautiful hidden mountain location where the ranch owners provide space for camping. In addition to the thermal delights, there’s mountain climbing and dining outdoors.

Others areas of thermal relevance are the hot spring called El Chorro and Agua Caliente in the same delegation of Santiago, north of the municipality of Los Cabos.

Otherwise, the Chinese have used seawater since ancient times. An emperor named Fu-Shi recommended drinking seawater and eating algae and salt to restore and maintain health. Seawater components are the same as those in human cells, very similar to blood plasma. According to some researchers, seawater cleanses the body, energizes, detoxifies and improves the body’s defenses. Seawater is a friend of the skin because it contains zinc, iodine and potassium. Antibiotic effects are another benefit of seawater.

[two_first] The waters of Pacific Ocean and the Sea of Cortez are also important beach areas that are perfect for healthy activities, either on the water or the sand. Some of them are Costa Azul, Palmilla, Chileno, Santa Maria, Las Viudas, Bledito, Medano, Lover’s Beach, and more.

Palmilla and Chileno beaches have recently been recognized worldwide with the “Blue Flag” of excellence. They also have IMNC certification (Mexican Institute of Standardization and Certification) for the high quality of their turquoise waters, and the preservation and management of the environment.

This distinction not only emphasizes the fact that beaches are recreational by nature and wonderful for the wellness of human beings. The perfume of sea breezes is an excellent aid for relieving breathing problems by helping the lungs eliminate toxins. If you wake up with a cold, the sea is an excellent cure.

[two_one_first] A solution to stress and insomnia would be to spend a day, or most of it, at the edge of a beach and swim, float, walk or do any other activity. Then, return home or to the hotel, take a bath with fresh water and jump into bed. You will surely sleep more deeply than usual.

Countless articles have been written about trips and adventures on the seas of Baja California Sur. They are sea histories surrounded by mysticism and reflected in countless poems. Pablo Neruda said: I need the sea because it teaches me. I do not know if it is a single wave or to be in the deep or the hoarse overwhelming voice of fish and ships. The fact is that even when I’m asleep, I am in some magnetic circle of a universal wave.

Margarito Villarino Sandoz (1910-1938) Josefino Troubadour in a beautiful poem tells us: Blue Coast … in your sky so hot … washed by the wave … a kiss of spiritual tenderness resembling a resting wave… the song of the sea.

The seas of Baja California Sur not only nourish the soul and spirit, but purify the body and give it the energy to meet the challenges of each day.

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Issue 29 - Life in Balance
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