“Taste love, taste the sea”

Thalassotherapy centers can be found on the French coast from Biarritz to Hendaye. Thalassotherapy, according to the encyclopedia of health, is a therapeutic method that uses beneficial properties from the sea, such as water, algae and mud.

The origin of the word comes from the Greek Thalasso (sea) and Therapeia (therapy). In antiquity, Hippocrates, the Greek father of medicine, Avicenna, Celsus and Galen explained and recommended the therapeutic virtues of the sea for improved health.

[/two_first][two_second] Seawater showers can be used to treat circulatory, rheumatic, skin, respiratory and nervous problems. The principle is that repeated immersions in warm seawater, marine mud and seaweed benefits the body’s natural balance.

It has been discovered that seawater and human plasma are very similar in terms of mineral content.


When immersed in warm seawater, the body absorbs minerals, and trace elements of magnesium, potassium, calcium, sodium and iodine through the skin. The Congress of Salt Anthropology will be held at Los Cabos from November 1st – 15th, 2017 and will address aspects of health and marine salts.


Not all seas are the same. Properties change from one beach to another. Soaking at Medano Beach is different from Palmilla or East Cape where there are sensational thermal bubbles less than a few feet away. Factors such as sea depth, water temperature, marine life and more produce different effects. The Mediterranean is sedative, while the Atlantic is invigorating.

There are hundreds of Thalassotherapy centers around the world. In Los Cabos there is just one at hotel Playa Grande.

Los Cabos is a hot spot in terms of health treatments, and surely this innovative therapy will be here very soon. I can imagine a place of premium quality such as Serge Blanco in the Côte Basque or Brighton that services royalty and satisfies the most demanding visitors.


President of the Center for Integral Studies of Innovation and the Territory, S.C. CEIIT


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