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Scented Soil: The seduction of the end of the earth

The first settlers of this scented land left their mark in rock art, expressing their relationship with the environment. These historical vestiges are undoubtedly of great relevance since they constitute one of the five most important concentrations of rock art in the world. South California rock art is like a magical ideogram of an eminently
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Scented Soil

Ethnographic tourism at the Rock Oasis John left one day from Southern California in his motor home. He was accompanied by his wife and two of his children. They started their journey by crossing the border at Tijuana and took the so-called scenic route that leads to Bella Ensenada, a city full of tourist traffic,
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Scented Soil: San Dionisio

Dr. José Martín Olmos Ceseña

AN ALTERNATIVE TOURISM TRIP San Dionisio is a rural community located in northern Los Cabos, an inarguably well-developed tourist municipality. About 50 people, mostly families, inhabit the land on 14 ranches. San Dionisio is now an excellent example of alternative tourism. What really motivates tourists to visit this site is a desire for new open-air
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