Californian Literature


“A long time has passed since the sea took my secret in its waves …”

Maria Estela Beltran Marquez

Belonging to a one hundred percent South Californian family, Maria started reading and writing at a very young age. In turn, she was employed in social services at the Rotary Club of La Paz, worked in management at the Bank of London and Mexico, and served as the private secretary of Governor Bonifacio Salinas Leal. Maria has also worked at the XNET radio station in La Paz, and she is an honorary ex-president of the Municipal DIF La Paz.

Horizon of Light

“Clean Heart” and “Love and Pride” are two of the titles of the poems contained in this book.

Written for all types of audiences, the book transmits the feeling of nostalgia for a lost love or that of a friendship without limits, and inspires us to share that depth of emotion. Readers will easily identify their own feelings in the author’s set of poems. With a confessional script and colloquial language, Maria Estela shares thoughts, encounters and events that bear witness to the every day.

No doubt the affective bond of the author with her surroundings and people to whom she dedicates each poem will involve the reader in a journey of dreams, imagination, longing and reminiscences. It is worth taking the time to read and enjoy from morning to afternoon. You will be captured by this work and instantly immersed.


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