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More and more couples are deciding to get away and find the ideal destination to get married and start their life together. It is no coincidence that La Paz has become a favorite location. It is one of the few places in the world where every dream can come true.

Can you imagine saying yes under a blue sky on a spectacular beach? Enjoy your last day as bachelor on a luxurious yacht with your best friends? Swim with exotic marine life to celebrate the beginning of your new life? Dine on a banquet prepared by one of the best chefs in Mexico?

Luxurious weddings, relaxed weddings, beach weddings, and spectacular and intimate celebrations, all this and more can be found in La Paz.

Top 5 places to get married:

  • On board a yacht off Isla Espiritu Santo, a World Heritage Site
  • Underwater, diving with sea lions
  • On a golf course overlooking the sea
  • In the picturesque mining town of El Triunfo
  • In an orchard in the Magical Town of Todos Santos

Tips for your wedding:

  • Make sure that the person in charge of floral arrangements is well aware of the desert by the sea climate. Your flowers will be perfect through the entire party.
  • Hire a professional organizer with beach wedding experience. Special permits are required. In some cases, you may want to hire safe transport for your guests and place comfortable toilets.
  • Remember that regardless of the location chosen for your wedding or the concept, we suggest that as soon as you fix the date, book the Cathedral of Our Lady of La Paz or the chapel of your choice.

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