Originally from Jalisco, Rosaura Rodriguez, photographer, graphic designer, mother, and wife, portrays unique moments in her search to convey the different sensations that life gives. “Nervous but willing”, Rosaura receives the Tendencia team at her gallery in downtown San Jose del Cabo.

At her gallery, 12 Mexican folklore images are exposed. The photographs that are hung vary between a man who dresses a typical attire and walks through the streets of downtown Oaxaca, to a painting called “Niño Danzante” (Dancing Child), which draws the face of a child in Puebla about to start a spring equinox ritual, a ceremony related to the rebirth and the start of the growing season. As soon as you enter the studio, this photograph welcomes you with an explosion of vibrant colors and the child already focus on the role he will play.

The images become complex because each photograph tells a story, followed by many emotions that transport you to that moment in which the picture was taken. Rosaura says that she loves to photograph landscapes because they give the picture drama and people are left speechless when they see what nature made. Also, she likes to portray men and women, because it allows her to see their roots, their soul.
Rosaura finished the interview with Tendencia emphasizing the commitment she has towards Baja California Sur: “I want to contribute a lot or little. To do my part in the artistic community”. With a smile in her mouth and using Huichol art jewelry which reminds her of her childhood and the moments she shared with her grandfather, Rosaura is a woman who likes adventure and who captures moments that take your breath away.

Wait for the complete interview of Rosaura Rodríguez very soon in the edition of Arte-Arquitectura!

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