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Fundación Nunca Dejes de Volar A.C.

Salvador de Haro Inda created the foundation in 2014 after receiving a miraculous second chance in his fight against cancer. Since that time, he has shared a message of hope to those who battle the same disease.



Help children and adults during the most difficult moments of their fight against cancer through emotional support, transportation and providing necessities.



Provide improved living conditions during cancer treatments to children, young people and adults.

Based on the values of faith, hope, solidarity, ethics, empathy, honesty, teamwork and love of life, all the association programs have been created from Salvador’s experiences.




  • Sharing wings. Visit hospitals and homes to share a message of faith and hope with patients and their families.
    Flying together. Employ volunteers or use Uber to provide free transportation to families on the way to treatment.
  • A dream between wings. Fulfill the dreams of the warriors with the greatest need to give them strength and encouragement during their struggle.
    Uniting wings. Work with different institutions and hospitals to create comprehensive support projects for the prevention and timely care of any type of cancer.
  • Wing kit. Annual delivery of first-need products to family members who spend the night in the hospital waiting for news about loved ones.


You can help more warriors continue their fight against cancer and not lose hope.



Inbursa: Cuenta | Account 50027700421

Clabe: 036180500277004210

Oxxo T. 4766840227153090


Further information
Berenice Zavaleta Bravo


Facebook: Fundación Nunca Dejes de Volar

Twitter: FunNunDejdeVol

Instagram: Fundacionnuncadejesde_volar

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