Nature, in the full extent of the word

Humans, throughout their historical evolution, have traveled the world in search of friendly lands, climates and environments. Sometimes we get to discover the origin of the populations. Some of them are remote and in climates difficult for development, but there they are, and their cultures exist despite the aggressive natural elements.

It would seem that Los Cabos and the entire peninsula of Baja California were very far from civilization. That’s because at its southern end, everything that surrounds Cabos San Lucas and San José del Cabo is saltwater. In 1539, Francisco de Ulloa toured the coast of the peninsula and determined that the lower part was not an island and that the northern part joined an extensive strip of land.

From this rock-bound peninsula, only marine waters can be seen from three of the compass points. But up north, there is desert and a central mountain range that seems to be the backbone of the earth. From these heights, you can see the two aquatic environments that surround the peninsula. The mainland extends from north to south for 750 miles, although the width of this powerful arm is only 155 miles at its widest section and less than 30 miles at its narrowest. In the southern part, rock formations are buried like claws that sink into the sea creating the enigmatic arch of Los Cabos.

For those reading this, it may seem strange that these sites receive such a large influx of visitors from North America, Mexico and around the world. How is it possible that at the end of the earth there are so many attractions in a desert surrounded by seas?

Those who visit for the first time and experience the natural attractions are magically delighted and return again. Baja California Sur is an irresistible magnet.

In addition, locals, nationals and international travelers have formed communities with their cultures, art, traditions, food, music and outdoor activities. The natural areas of the Baja California peninsula also offer a great diversity including desert tours of fauna and flora, missions founded by the Spaniards, pristine beaches, soaring cliffs, cave paintings, whale watching in the winter, and more.

All this is a sign that we are only travelers for a moment.

And speaking of time. Nothing is more valuable. When you think back to a moment of outdoor adventure or even an entire vacation, the memories belong entirely to you and you are free to create more. You can choose a place of accommodation, from a hotel with all the services to a rented house or an apartment. Maybe you will rent a car, a motorcycle, an ATV or a “buggy” to explore and live exciting experiences on the desert roads and trails.

And why not camp? Many fears the lack of services, but that in itself is a luxury. The beaches of Baja California peninsula have many places for hiking and spending the night. What more could you ask for when it comes to an isolated destination?

Obviously, there will be no one around to provide the extensive services of a hotel. However, you will enjoy the essence of nature and the stillness of a world where it’s only you and those you choose as company. There are also the diverse islands and beaches of the Sea of ​​Cortez that can be reached by yacht, boat, or even over the mountains on scarcely traveled trails. You can climb lighthouses or mountainsides like bighorn sheep. The views from the heights are majestic. The satisfaction of reaching the top while listening to your own music and drinking and eating only what you brought while being accompanied by nothing more than silence can be achieved in the paradise that I just described.

Leave the luxury of your hotel for a few days and dare to be with just you.

It will be an experience complete with sunrises containing more shades of colors than even a painter can imagine and sunsets that dot the skies every afternoon with red and pink clouds. They seem so dramatic when witnessed over the Pacific Ocean or across the Sea of Cortés and the Sierra.

Nighttime on the sea is different. The stars fill the celestial vault.

From Baja California Sur, it is incredible to think that by drawing a direct line south, we would arrive at another great peninsula, the distant Patagonia where the waters of the Pacific and the Atlantic come together.

Back home, staying in a quiet town in the state of Baja California Sur and walking through the alleys and touring the churches, shops, bars and squares will leave you with beautiful memories and photographs.

Los Cabos is a tourist destination for every taste and budget. For those who prefer to eat at home, all kinds of vegetables, fruits, meats, seafood, cheeses, breads and wines are available at reasonable prices in the large self-service stores or in the small shops near the place where you are staying. There are also taco trucks, street markets, soft drinks vendors, and sellers of popsicles, corn, coconuts and other cravings. You will even find organic markets and restaurants in the desert.

Even if you are someone who enjoys staying in a large luxury hotel on the beach that includes food, beverages and entertainment, don’t forget to venture into the other world of nature and do it to the full extent of the word.

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