Day of the reefs: Cabo Pulm

Los Cabos has the reef: “Cabo Pulmo National Park” considered a treasure of Baja California Sur, it is around 20,000 years old and has more than 300 species of marine fauna, hence its nickname as “The Aquarium of the World” by Jacques Cousteau referring especially to this marine reserve. 

Coral reefs are formations of invertebrate marine organisms, which are home to a wide variety of flora and fauna, located especially in tropical, warm, and shallow waters because they require solar energy. For this reason, its depth is fifty meters under the sea. 

Coral is a structure that has very diverse colors, shapes, and sizes made up of millions of marine animals called polyps. The polyps convert the calcium in the seawater into limestone around the coral. 

Cabo Pulmo is a “Protected Natural Area designated Natural World Heritage” by UNESCO, one of the most important achievements in ocean conservation and the only coral reef area in the Gulf of California. 

It is a perfect example of ecotourism, ideal for those seeking the quieter and more natural side of Los Cabos. Its inhabitants have worked on conservation and protection, you must carry out these activities with respect for marine life and follow the recommendations of local guides. 

The aquatic activities that take place in this area such as snorkeling excursions, sustainable kayaking, and low-impact diving, provide a close look at its incredible underwater ecosystem, home, and a haven for aquatic species in South Californian waters. 

Today June 1st we celebrate World Reef Day, to share the importance of protecting these marine formations, and to promote commitment by organizations, and companies to the conservation and protection of reefs. 

Share a photo of Cabo Pulmo on social media, using the hashtag #CaboPulmoDay 

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