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The Art of Travel with Tendencia Loreto

The Tendencia team is very excited and is preparing suitcases for its next Summer 2022 edition. Would you like to know… What are our destinations in Baja California Sur? 

We leave you clues for you to discover it: Ready? Let’s start! 

first destination 

  • The port that is part of the Gulf of California, has exclusive sailboat navigation in its waters. 
  • His town is located in a bay, in front of the Danzante Island and Monserrat. 
  • It is guarded by the impressive Sierra de la Giganta and the Gulf of California. 

second destination 

  • We will visit an island known as the “Biological Laboratory”, its animals were left without contact with their relatives on the mainland, which caused a physical adaptation. 
  • Endemic animals inhabit a lizard that measures more than 10 centimeters, a gecko with big eyes, a desert iguana, and the animal that adapted that we already mentioned before. 

third destination 

  • It is the cradle of the oldest human settlement in the Sudcaliforniana peninsula with more than 12,000 years. 
  • It is the land of the Cochimí and Guaycura tribes, whose inhabitants called it Conchó, which means “Colorado Mangrove”. 
  • The first mission on the peninsula was established here, an area formerly known as Las Californias, made up of the church, several buildings, a fortress, and the garrison barracks. 

fourth destination 

  • We will visit a canyon within the territory of giants, approximately 3 miles long with a height of more than 1,000 feet. 
  • It has trails that will make you climb, swim in authentic natural pools, observe the flora and fauna, and even discover the cave paintings that exist in ancient rocks! 

Do you already know what our itinerary is where we will create content? Find out in the Summer 2022 edition 


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