A twist on the classic

The poetry of Spring speaks of reinventions, and this has inspired the cuisine at Toro, which celebrates the change of season with a powerful twist on the recipes that have enticed diners for over seven years. They are classic in style and give a tribute to the local vegetables and fruits that complements this Latin American cuisine.

The flavour tour starts now!

At the table, an Octopus in Black Recado captivates with a Peruvian paring (anticucho, a Bolivian dish built on thin beef heart fillets marinated in spices, oil, and vinegar, roasted on skewers and over charcoal, and then served), and the recado, a typical Yucatan peninsula pasta, aji amarillo tartare from Peru, and three-boiled potatoes.

If you enjoy cold appetizers, the Hamachi Tiradito is a must-try. It combines imported Hamachi fish from Japan with colourful julienned green apples, nori seaweed, and dehydrated miso in a yuzu-based sauce.

Another option is the Lobster Roll, which includes tempura asparagus, sesame-encrusted soy paper, and Mamenori instead of the traditional sheet. The lobster is flamed in citrus butter and then blanched on top.

A popular main course is a Kuzco-style chicken, resulting from a fantastic marinade laden with flavour and served with mashed potatoes and Huancaina sauce. For fish lovers, the Chipotle Escolar Miso Chipotle is caramelized and reflects Latin and Asian flavours with vegetables boiled in dashi, which are Japanese and Nikkei cuisine staples.

Seasonal Mushrooms are glazed in Ponzu sauce, providing a caramelized and glazed Asian flavour, accompanied by a sauce of Horseradish Sauce and sour cream.

A vegan and side dishes from the “garden vegetables” section appear. Vegan Carrots glazed with passion fruit honey are presented over a bed of creamy tofu and cashew nuts, which give this dish body.

We finish with a delectable dessert created with Chocolate in Textures: a sweet combination you will appreciate at each flavour level. The cocktails that accompany each dish will complete unforgettable Toro moments.

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